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Sample Statement of Work | real-world example FREE Download

by | reviewed 14/01/2021
A Statement of Work (SOW) is a description of the products, services, or results that will be provided to a customer. It will usually include the deliverables, expected project cost, terms and conditions and payment terms.
Writing a SOW is challenging! That is why we are sharing this free example!

SOWs are very common in project management and they represent the contractual agreement between the supplier and customer. Getting the SOW right can be the difference between success or failure.

SOWs follow a similar format across industries and they contain the same sections regardless of project size. This example is from a real project that was delivered for a fixed fee. It includes the services provided, the deliverables, risks, assumptions, exclusions, fees and payment terms. Get a head start on your own Statement of Work with this FREE download.

Check out the contents below or Grab the template now!

Snapshot of this example SOW

This SOW was prepared for a fixed fee SaaS software project. It is 9 pages in total and a snapshot is shown below. Download the full SOW now.

SOW Details

  • FOR: ACME Company
  • PREPARED BY: Globex
  • Project: Ticket Linking Completion
  • Version history
  • Distribution list

Business Challenges

ACME is an existing SaaS customer. In order to link tickets together to a root problem and be able to respond to those linked tickets in a single step, as well as providing ITIL methodology directives, Globex has provided a prototype......

Solution Overview

Globex has provided the description of the services to be performed in the Deliverables section below. Further requirements and or customizations defined or requested by Customer after baseline acceptance of this Statement of Work......

Project Deliverables

  • Project Management
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Administration Support
  • Customer Report


There are potential risks associated with the project that need to be addressed via a mitigation strategy. Below are the identified risks associated with this project.....


Roles and responsibilities

Detailed Project Team roles and responsibilities are defined in the Project Charter....

Onsite requirements

The section identifies services & property that the Customer is to provide the Globex Consulting services team.....

Rates and fees summary

Services provided under this Statement of Work shall be based on Globex standard consulting rates, which are listed...

Payment Terms

Fixed Fee. Globex will invoice the Customer following signature of this Statement of Work and payments shall be due....


Estimates do not include travel and related expenses Globex may incur in support of this engagement. Globex will send an invoice on.....


Space for signatures of both parties.


You can download the complete SOW in Word or PDF.

Download a sample Statement of Work

Word download - Statement of Work Template (Word .docx)

Word download - Sample Statement of Work (Word .doc)

PDF download - Sample Statement of Work (PDF)

OpenDocument download - Sample Statement of Work (.odt)


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