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Simple Timesheet Template for Project work - FREE download

by | reviewed 2023-08-22
This is a timesheet template for recording hours spent on project work. This could be billable or non-billable and there is space for the project details (project name, reference and project manager).

To get started, enter the start date in cell D5. The dates and days of the week will then appear. Hours are added up for each day and on each project.
image of our free timesheet template for recording time fortnightly

Download this template

Downloads available in Excel .xls, .xlsx and OpenDocument Spreadsheet.

Project timesheet Template in .xls

Project timesheet Template in .xlsx

Project timesheet in OpenDocument Spreadsheet

Time and task tracking apps

If you need a way of recording time for a several people, with reporting and integration capabililities it is worth looking at an online tool rather than Excel.

Clockify - completely free and very simple to use time tracking tool

Monday - Prioritize, assign, and manage tasks from start to finish

MeisterTask - an affordable and user friendly task management app