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Download our Team Member Status Report template today! Streamline your project management with our easy-to-use, unique format. Keep track of weekly progress and plan effectively. Act now and enhance your team's productivity and communication. Stay organized, and stay ahead!
We designed this status report to streamline your project management process. It ensures every team member is aligned, informed, and accountable. Our template is a comprehensive tool that allows team members to report their weekly progress, planned activities, completed tasks, and any potential issues or blockers. It's not just a reporting tool but a communication medium that fosters transparency and collaboration within your team. Whether you're a project manager overseeing multiple tasks or a team member wanting to keep track of your work, this template is a valuable asset for efficient project management.

Why this template works

This template's simple, self-explanatory format, focusing on progress in the current week and plans for the next week, is designed with user-friendliness and efficiency in mind. Here's why it makes it easy for team members to complete:

Clarity: The clear division between the current week's activities and next week's plans helps team members organize their thoughts and report their progress in a structured manner. This clarity reduces confusion and makes the report easier to fill out.

Focus: By concentrating on the immediate past and near future, team members can focus on relevant, timely information. This focus helps them avoid getting overwhelmed by the broader scope of the project.

Consistency: The consistent format allows team members to develop a routine in their reporting, making it easier to complete over time. As they get used to the format, filling out the report becomes quicker and more automatic.

Accountability: The format encourages team members to reflect on their work and plan, fostering a sense of responsibility for their tasks. This accountability can motivate them to complete their reports accurately and thoroughly.

Communication: The straightforward structure facilitates communication between team members and project managers. Because we state clearly what we have accomplished and what we plan to do, we ensure everyone aligns, reducing misunderstandings and enhancing teamwork.

In essence, the simplicity and directness of this format make it a powerful tool for tracking progress, planning future work, and enhancing team communication.
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The contents of the Team Member Status Report Template


Project details and document control

Provide information on the project and document:
  • Project name
  • For week commencing
  • Your name
  • Report date

Status (RAG)

A simple traffic light indicator for this week, next week, and blockers. To change the color, go to Home > Paragraph > Shading (look for the paint can icon).

Current week's activities

Planned for this week

Jot down the tasks you planned this week, including any carried over from last week.

Completed this week

List the tasks you completed, including any unplanned tasks.

Planned but not accomplished

List all the tasks you planned but still need to complete. Then, describe the actions necessary to complete these tasks.

Next week's activities


Note down what tasks you have planned for next week.

Risks or blockers

Note down anything that may go wrong or interfere with your work.

Team Member Status Report Template

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Project Status Report Excel Template

Project Status Report Template in Word

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