Example Timesheet Department of Works - FREE download

This is a timesheet template is an example from the state of Connecticut Department of Works. It records 10 working days and the dates and days are automatically created when you input a start date in cell J2.

There is space for working on one-off projects and default rows for recording sickness or time on training courses, seminars, admin and technical support.

Notes on the timesheet say that:
  • on projects the smallest amount of time that should be recorded is 1/4 (.25) of an hour.
  • each day should total 7 hours with overtime indicated using an asterisk.
  • coffee breaks should be charged to the project being worked on along with travel time.
  • examples of admin time are meetings, training, or personnel reviews.
image of our free timesheet template for recording time fortnightly

Download this template

Downloads available in Excel .xls, .xlsx and OpenDocument Spreadsheet.

Example timesheet Department of Works in .xls

Example timesheet Department of Works in .xlsx

Example timesheet Department of Works - OpenDocument Spreadsheet

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