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User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is the last stage of testing before the project go-live. The User Acceptance Testing Report lists each deliverable, its acceptance criteria and the results of the evaluation. Any issues are listed along with a plan to resolve them.
On small projects, this report may be used to report pass or fail on each test case. On larger projects, it should be used as a summary of the UAT, with pass/fail listed in the Test Case template.
User Acceptance Report Template
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The contents of the User Acceptance Report Template


Project Deliverables and Acceptance Criteria Validation

Use this table to list the project's deliverables specified in the Project Scope Statement, as well as their user acceptance criteria. In the column on the right, you can check off whether each part of the acceptance criteria has been met according to user feedback.
A table used for listing project deliverables with their acceptance criteria and the results of UAT.

Outstanding Issues and Resolution Plan

List each issue found and include a plan to resolve it, with a due date.
A table listing issues from UAT with a plan to resolve.

Acceptance Signatures

This signature section confirms that the deliverables described in the section ‘Project Deliverables and Acceptance Criteria Validation’ are acceptable and can be considered complete.

Example text:
The undersigned approve these deliverables and agree to the resolution plan for any outstanding issues as described in ‘Outstanding Issues and Resolution Plan’ above.
table for signatures accepting the results of user acceptance testing on a project.

User Acceptance Report Template

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