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Construction Risk Register - FREE Template Download

CONSTRUCTION RISK REGISTER - free download in Excel. This Risk Register is essential for managing risk on construction projects.
Construction Risk Registers are used to document and assess risks on building and infrastructure projects. They include a risk description, an assessment of the level of risk, impact analysis and actions that will be taken to manage the risk and any residual risks.
For more on how to manage risks see Construction Risk Management .
risk register for construction project

Contents of this Risk Register for building projects

  • Risk ID - a number or unique identifier for the risk
  • Date raised - the date the risk was identified
  • Risk description - best written as 'There is a risk that xxxxx, because of xxxx if this occurs it will xxxx'
  • Risk Assessment - enter your assessment of the level of the risk e.g. High, Medium or Low.
  • Cost impact - the cost to the project if the risk occurs e.g. x man days.
  • Time impact - the time impact if the risk occurs e.g. x days delay
  • Other impact - anything else that would happen e.g. lost reputation.
  • Controls - actions that will be taken to reduce the impact of the risk.
  • Residual risk - any risks that remain once the controls are in place.
  • Action - document any actions to be taken to implement controls or manage residual risks.

Construction Risk Register download in Excel .xls and Word

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