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by | reviewed 08/02/2024

Video how to edit the Risk Register in Excel

This is a video guide to editing the Risk Register of the Top 20 Project Risks. In this video we will show you how to change the dropdown menus and conditional formatting to suit your project. You'll learn how to:
  • Download and navigate the risk register
  • Modify drop-down menus to fit your needs
  • Adjust conditional formatting
  • Edit, add, or delete rows and data within the template
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Key Timeline Points:

0:04 Introduction to the free risk register
0:24 Starting the download process on stakeholdermap.com
0:59 Overview of the pre-filled risk register on Excel
1:28 Customizing the drop-down menus for risk evaluation
2:17 Adding more options to your risk menu
3:08 Adjusting conditional formatting and color codes
4:59 Understanding and adjusting the severity table
5:30 Editing the risk register & replacing logos
5:57 Adding mitigating actions to risks
7:02 Conclusion and the popularity of the risk register template