Stakeholder Analysis - list of articles and how to guides

Stakeholder Analysis - How to conduct a Stakeholder Analysis

Basic Stakeholder Analysis method - The Basic Stakeholder Analysis Technique is a great way to quickly assess stakeholder sentiment.

BPM Stakeholder Analysis - Business Process Management is a continuous process of business improvement through process modelling. This stakeholder Analysis technique is specificially designed for BPM.

Stakeholder Analysis for your Career - we all have a number of stakeholders who we work with every day even if we are not focussing on a particular project. The power/interest matrix is great for managing your own stakeholders, this article shows how you .

Example Stakeholder Analysis - To see how these powerful stakeholder analysis techniques work in practice let's look at an example based on a CRM software implementation project.

Stakeholder Analysis: key players - how to recognise stakeholders who are key players.

Power interest matrix - This guide shows you how to analyse stakeholders by influence and interest and includes a Stakeholder Analysis template.

Stakeholder Matrices - This is an overview of the key variations of the stakeholder matrix. This grid or quadrant format is a simply, but very effective way of managing stakeholders. Key examples are described in this article.

Stakeholder Mind Map - A interactive mindmap showing the stakeholders for a software implementation project.

Happy Stakeholders - Keeping Stakeholders happy using the Pleasure and Displeasure List.

Stakeholder Power - Learn how to dentify stakeholders power bases and their directions of interest using this powerful stakeholder analysis technique based Eden and Ackermann's 'star diagrams'.

Stakeholder Salience - Learn about the theory of Stakeholder Salience and how to apply it in your stakeholder management.

Stakeholder Analysis Software - How to use GroupMap software to complete your stakeholder analysis online.

Stakeholder Analysis Video - This video tutorial on Stakeholder Analysis explains how to analyse stakeholders by power/influence versus interest.
Stakeholder Management Templates
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