Stakeholder Analysis Questions

These questions are useful for analyzing your Stakeholders. You can use the questions to help you complete the stakeholder power/interest matrix or to assess the salience of a stakeholder.
An index card showing a question mark an image with three people icons and  the word stakeholders

Questions for assessing stakeholder importance/legitimacy

  • How much influence does the stakeholder have?
  • Is the stakeholder more or less influential in certain areas/capacities?
  • Do they have legal rights?
  • How could they hinder us?
  • Have we come across the stakeholder before? What was their involvement/status?
  • What responsibilities do we have to this stakeholder?
  • What are the stakes for this stakeholder?

Questions for stakeholder motivation

  • What are the stakeholder's expectations?
  • What exactly is the stakeholder's interest?
  • What are they interested in?
  • What are they expecting to gain?
  • What are their concerns?

Questions to help develop a stakeholder engagement strategy

  • What does this stakeholder need?
  • What would be quick wins for this stakeholder?
  • What are their long term issues/concerns?
  • What actions could we take to address the stakeholders concerns?
  • What would be a win/win outcome for us/our business and this stakeholder?

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