Stakeholder Management Case Studies

These 6 case studies show just how bad things can get when when Stakeholders are poorly managed. Each example led to project time and cost overruns and some failed altogether resulting in loses of millions of pounds. Includes projects led by the MOD, Post Office, UK government and the UK National Health Service.

Passport delays and lack of communication with stakeholders costs Passport Agency 13m

Why manage Stakeholders? The UK passport fiasco shows the importance of stakeholder management by providing an excellent example of what happens when it fails.

Heathrow Terminal 5 opens but key stakeholders are stuck in traffic

On the 27th March 2008 the UK witnessed one of the saddest examples of poor stakeholder management in years. At Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 failure to manage key stakeholders caused chaos and costly delays.

Stakeholder case study - Software cannot change behaviour – UK offender management system

This failed IT system for tracking criminals is a case study in poor Stakeholder and project management. The UK National Offender Management Information System project failed due to shocking mismanagement.

Reinventing the wheel – a private internet for medical records wastes 10 billon – stakeholder case study

This case study reviews a failed IT project to digitise medical records at a loss of 10 billion. Lack of Stakeholder Management played a large part in making this such an expensive fiasco.

107m RAF Tornado hangar for MOD never used – Stakeholder Case Study

Super-hangar, able to accommodate 48 RAF Tornado jets, costing £107 million never used. Stakeholder Management case study of failed Ministry of Defence project.

Stakeholders sabotage project for regional 999 call centers

Fire and rescue new 999 regional call centers never used. Stakeholder Management case study of failed project.