Stakeholder Management eBook

eBook and real world templates for Stakeholder Management

Our ebook contains the guide to Stakeholder Management plus all of our proven ready made Stakeholder Management templates.

Over 2500 people have used our templates. Our clients are professionals and experts from a wide range of fields including communications, project management, marketing, PR, finance, public sector, management consultancy, sales and professional services.

We have created the eBook in PDF format so that it is accessible without the need for any special software.

NEW IT software project Stakeholder Map - only available with the book.

Book contents includes:

  • Stakeholder Definition
  • Stakeholder Mapping tools and techniques
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Assessing Stakeholder Importance
  • Stakeholder planning
  • Writing a Stakeholder Communications plan
  • Identifying 'win/win' strategies
  • Building a Stakeholder Engagement Strategy
Plus Stakeholder Templates see below!

"Range of templates were really useful. Pleased with the flow of the pack and the clear explanation of the process. Simple to use but effective, I ran a workshop with my team and I used the pack to help deliver the desired outcomes." Keith Marshall

With the book you get all of our proven real world Stakeholder Management Templates

Stakeholder Management ebook 7th edition (pdf)

  1. Basic Stakeholder Analysis Template (Word)
  2. Basic Stakeholder Analysis Template (Excel)
  3. Big Data Stakeholder List (Word)
  4. Blank Mapping Template (Word)
  5. Blank Stakeholder Engagement Plan (Word)
  6. Communication Reporting Plan example (Word)
  7. Communication Reporting Plan template (Word)
  8. Construction Stakeholder List (Word)
  9. eCommerce Stakeholder List (Word)
  10. Example Interest Matrix (Word)
  11. Example Mapping Template (Word)
  12. Example Mapping Template IT Project (Word)
  13. Generic Stakeholder list - 110 stakeholders (Word)
  14. Government Stakeholder List (Word)
  15. How to complete a Stakeholder Analysis (Video mp4)
  16. How to edit the mind maps (Word)
  17. IT Project stakeholder map (Mindmap)
  18. IT project stakeholder map (pdf)
  19. IT project stakeholder map (Excel)
  20. IT Stakeholder List - 112 stakeholders (Word)
  21. Stakeholder Analysis template (Mindmap)
  22. Stakeholder Analysis template (pdf)
  23. Stakeholder Engagement Plan (Word)
  24. Stakeholder Identification (Mindmap)
  25. Stakeholder Identification (pdf)
  26. Stakeholder Management ebook 7th edition (pdf)
  27. Stakeholder Map ppt (PowerPoint)
  28. Stakeholder Map Word (Word)
  29. Stakeholder Salience Template (Excel)
  30. Stakeholder Salience Template (Word)
  31. Stakeholder SWOT Analysis (Mindmap)
  32. What is a Stakeholder (Mindmap)
  33. What is a Stakeholder (pdf)
  34. What is a Stakeholder (Excel)
  36. readme (txt)