Stakeholder Management Quotes

There are many views on stakeholder management from those who see it as a crucial element in successful business and others who see it as a nusiance or worst as meaningless management jargon. Here are a few quotes on stakeholder management from the famous and not so famous!

Many successful businesses have a strong commitment to maximizing stakeholder loyalty Rt Hon Tony Blair, Prime Minister 19 - 000
The word is stakeholding. The style is integrity. The profession is business.
Anita Roddick OBE, Founder and Chief Executive of The Body Shop
Consultations, impact assessments, audits, reviews, stakeholder management, securing professional buy-in, complying with EU procurement rules, assessing sector feedback – this is not how we became one of the most powerful, prosperous nations on earth. It's not how you get things done. So I am determined to change this. David Cameron, UK Prime Minister 20 -
The business of business isn't just about creating profits for shareholders — it's also about improving the state of the world and driving stakeholder value.Marc Benioff, Salesforce, Chairman and CEO
If we were only focused on making money we might put all of our energy on just increasing ads to people in the U.S. and the other most developed countries, but that's not the only thing that we care about here.Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, CEO
If you do the right thing for the customer, it's always the right thing for the company, financially Justin King, former Sainbury's CEO on Thomas Cook's handling of the death of two children from Carbon Monoxide poisoning
[The company does] a lot of things for reasons besides profit motive. We want to leave the world better than we found it. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple
as the recent global financial crisis has taught us. The 21st Century is one of "Managing for Stakeholders." The task of executives is to create as much value as possible for stakeholders without resorting to trade-offs. Great companies endure because they manage to get stakeholder interests aligned in the same direction.Freeman, E.

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