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What is a stakeholder?

What is a Stakeholder? - This mindmap shows the most authoritative answers to the question What is a Stakeholder? Includes definitions from MSP, Bryson, Ackerman, PMP

What are stakeholders? - video - The answer to the question 'what are Stakeholders?' has important consequences for organisations. In this video Prof. Edward Freeman explains the thinking behind his definition.

The stakeholder management process

Stakeholder Analysis - How to conduct a Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder Definition - Stakeholders can sabotage your project. Read this guide to stakeholder definition and learn how to identify and stakeholders before they do any damage.
Stakeholder Engagement - Learn about Stakeholder Engagement approaches and how to develop a stakeholder engagement strategy.

Stakeholder Planning - A guide to stakeholder planning and management. How to identify win win strategies and develop an effective stakeholder management plan.

Stakeholder Mapping - A guide to mapping stakeholder attitude. How map stakeholder attitude and use it to drive stakeholder engagement.

Stakeholder Templates - Get all of the Templates you need to manage your stakeholders.

Stakeholder management guides

Culture in Business Communication - Article discussing cultural assumptions and the impact they have on effective stakeholder communication in business.

5 ways to Engage Stakeholders - An article offering 5 different ideas for stakeholder engagement.

Is the Enviroment a Stakeholder? The natural environment can be affected by a company's activities and, through channels such as climate change, can have an effect upon the company. For at least the last 15 years Stakeholder Theorists have debated whether our natural environment should be seen as a Stakeholder" />

External Stakeholders - Learn how to identify External Stakeholders and why they are important.

Stakeholder Influence - Learn how different stakeholders will try to influence your business. Understand the influence pathways and how to predict which influence strategy a stakeholder will likely use to engage/influence your project or organisation.

Importance of Stakeholders - Why manage stakeholders? Read this article explaining the importance of stakeholder management through an example of what happens when it goes wrong.

Internal Stakeholders - The success of a project or enterprise is often determined by internal stakeholders. Find out about internal stakeholders, how to identify them and the influence they can have on your business.

Stakeholder Prezi - Learn how to manage your stakeholders with this interactive, zooming Prezi presentation.

The Principles of Stakeholder Management - The Clarkson Centre for Business Ethics & Board Effectiveness have developed the Principles of Stakeholder Management which are intended as guidelines for how managers should manage their stakeholders

Project Stakeholders - Identifying your project stakeholders is key to your project success. Read this guide to finding your project stakeholders

Secondary Stakeholders - Secondary Stakeholders have an indirect relationship with a company. They tend to not be employees or directors and don't have any direct engagement with a company, but can still be influential.

Stakeholder Register - The Stakeholder Register is a key document in Stakeholder Management, learn how to use the register and download a free stakeholder register template.

Stakeholder SWOT - Learn how to use SWOT for stakeholder analysis. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It is a tool most commonly used for stategic planning and risk assessment, but it is also a useful Stakeholder Analysis tool.

Stakeholder lists

Stakeholder List - Use this list of over 100 stakeholders to kick-off your stakeholder management.

Big Data stakeholder list - Delivering Big Data? Use this list of potential stakeholders in Big Data.

Bitcoin Stakeholder list - Bitcoin is growing and so are projects and initiatives involving Bitcoin, this is a list of potential stakeholders in a Cryptocurrency project.

Construction stakeholders - Working in the construction industry? Use this list of construction stakeholders to create your stakeholder strategy.

ecommerce stakeholder list - Implementing eCommerce solutions? Use this list of potential stakeholders in eCommerce projects.

Healthcare Stakeholders - Here are the roles, job titles, departments or groups who may be considered stakeholders in healthcare.

ITIL Stakeholders - Here are some of the roles, job titles, departments or groups who may be ITIL Stakeholders.

IT project stakeholder list - Implementing an IT project? Use this list of IT stakeholders to kick-off your stakeholder management strategy.

Stakeholders in Schools - Examples of Stakeholders in Schools. This lists the roles, job titles, departments or groups who may be considered stakeholders in schools.

Structured Settlements - This is a list of the key parties in a Structured Settlement. This list is specifically focussed on the parties involved in structured settlements.

Retail Stakeholders - Here are 71 of the roles, job titles, authorities or groups who may be Retail Stakeholders.

Stakeholder Theory

The Stakeholder Paradox - The Stakeholder Paradox explained. Goodpaster has challenged the stakeholder approach or stakeholder theory. Arguing that it creates a paradox as it requires managers to put stakeholder interests above those of the business shareholders

Shareholder vs Stakeholder - Watch this video which summarises why the shareholder versus stakeholder debate is missing the point. Edward Freeman explains why there isn't necessarily a conflict between shareholder and stakeholder interests

Stakeholder Theory - Stakeholder theory suggests that the purpose of a business is to create as much value as possible for stakeholders. Understand Stakeholder Theory and why it is important to business.

Stakeholder Theory Video - Stakeholder Theory is a crucial concept in strategic management. Watch Edward Freeman discuss the important concept of stakeholder theory and why a stakeholder approach is key to successful businesses.

What next for Stakeholder Theory? - Watch Thomas M. Jones discuss what is next for Stakeholder Theory and why study of stakeholder relationships is key in for a successful business.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Watch Anita Roddick discuss Corporate Social Responsibility - Corporate Social Responsibility is huge in businesses today. What is it reallly about? Watch Anita Roddick talk about Social Responsbility, what it means to her and the impact of bringing in the corporate into social responsbility.

Managing teams, strategy & communication

Business Process Management (BPM) - What is BPM? Understand the BPM lifecycle and the rules for successful business process modelling.

How to Brainstorm - Learn how use Brainstorming to identify stakeholders, solve problems and come up with ideas.

Effective Communication - Learn how to communicate more effectively with your team. Understand the barriers to communication and how to plan for communication by asking the right questions.

How to Delegate - Learn how to delegate effectively so that you no longer feel like it is 'better to just do it yourself!'.

Flow chart examples - 8 examples of Flow Charts from real-world business improvement projects.

Managing and Motivating Teams - How to build a successful team using the BEST practice in growing, managing and MOTIVATING teams!

Programme Management - Learn the Definition and Meaning of Programme Management. How Programmes are different from Projects and when to use Programme Management.
Stakeholder Management Templates
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