Stakeholder Questions

Stakeholder questions
Use these questions to identify all of your stakeholders from the most influential to those affected by your business or project. Includes questions to identify project stakeholders.

Questions for Stakeholder Identification

These questions are useful for identifying your Stakeholders. You can use these questions to help find out who your stakeholders are and begin to start the process of Stakeholder Analysis. For more techniques to identify your stakeholders see Stakeholder Definition.

See also Stakeholder Analysis Questions.

Broad questions to identify the most possible stakeholders

  • Who could be affected?
    • Who could be affected during the project?
    • Who could be affected after the project?
  • Who could have an interest in the outcome?
  • Which groups could be impacted or have an interest/stake?

Questions to identify the influential stakeholders

  • Who approves the funding?
  • Who set the vision/goals?
  • Who approves changes impacting cost?
  • Who approves changes impacting schedule?
  • Who could stop this project/initiative?
  • Who benefits the most?

Questions to identify project stakeholders

These could be stakeholders that are internal or external to your business, but who will be close to the project.
  • Who holds the project budget?
  • Who will approve functional or technical requirements?
  • Who will approve designs?
  • Who approves changes?
  • Who will test the end product?
  • Who will use the end product?
  • Who represents organisational policies governing this project
  • Who will manage this project?
  • Who will sit on the Project Board
  • Who will have changes to their systems or processes because of this project?
  • Who will perform the work on this project?
  • Who will benefit?
  • Who will approve contracts for suppliers?
  • Who sold this project? Who is the account manager?
  • Who will review/audit risk management procedure for this project?
  • Who will assess/audit quality on this project?

Stakeholder Analysis Questions - References

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