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The Stakeholder Register is a key document in Stakeholder Management.
The Stakeholder Register is a record of all project or company stakeholders, it is usually derived from the results of stakeholder mapping and stakeholder analysis.
The Stakeholder Register differs from Stakeholder Analysis or Stakeholder Engagement plans as it is focused on each stakeholder's name and contact details rather than their power and interest or the engagement strategy to be used for that stakeholder.
register multiple stakeholders on a stakeholder register

As you can probably already guess the register is the key reference tool for sending stakeholder communications, if you are using Stakeholder Software the register will likely be a table within the tool which can be called upon when addressing letters, emails, and mailshots to individuals or groups of stakeholders.

What does the Stakeholder Register contain?

As a minimum the Stakeholder Register should contain the following headings:
  • Stakeholder Name
  • Category (internal / external / primary / secondary) *
  • Stakeholder Analysis group (key player, keep informed etc *
  • organization or group they belong to *
  • Stakeholder's role or job title
  • Address
  • Phone numbers
  • Emails
  • Website (if applicable)
  • Communications sent to date *
  • Comments and notes e.g. known contacts, affiliations etc.
* When using software or a stakeholder database, these headings might be look ups to other tables or forms.

The Register is usually best presented in tabular format either in a Word table or in an Excel spreadsheet. It may also form part of a stakeholder database, from which reports and contact lists can be extracted.

Stakeholder Register Template

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