Stakeholders in Hospitals | list of 100 stakeholders

Working on a Hospital Project? This lists some of the people, departments or groups who may be stakeholders for a Hospital. You can use this to generate a list of potential stakeholders or as a checklist in case you have missed any.

There are 100 stakeholders listed here, but this isn't an exhaustive checklist, job titles will vary between countries and as technology and Hospital provision evolves new roles will appear and others will change, that said we hope it will be a useful starting point!

The Stakeholders are categorized by:
  • Interface Stakeholders - those who function internally and externally to the Hospital. For example Trustees and Senior Staff who represent the Hospital's interests.
  • Internal Stakeholders - those who operate within an organization, in this case generally Hospital staff.
  • External Stakeholders - stakeholders who are impacted or impact the Hospital, but are not employed by the Hospital. According to x and x they fall into three categories:
    • those that provide inputs like suppliers and those that rely on the hospital outputs,
    • competitors and
    • special interest groups.
The above categorization is used by Fottler, Myron D. et al in their paper Assessing key stakeholders: Who matters to hospitals and why?. In collating a usable stakeholder list for real-world stakeholder analysis we found the Interface category difficult to apply. We noticed that many Stakeholders fall clearly into either Internal or External, but also could be described as 'Interfacing'. That said, some Interface stakeholders are suggested below.

Key Hospital Stakeholders Stakeholder Type
Accident and Emergency Staff Internal
Accreditation (licensing agencies) External
Assistant Practitioners Internal
Associations e.g. Muslim Doctors Association (United Kingdom) External
Audiologists Internal
Board of trustees Interface
Cardio-Respiratory Team Internal
Carers External
Catering Staff Internal
Charge Hands Internal
Charge Nurses Internal
Chefs Internal
Chief Executive Internal
Chief Financial Officer Internal
Chief Nursing Officer Internal
Civil servants (United Kingdom) External
Clinical Coders Internal
Commissioners Interface
Community Health Centers External
Corporate office Interface
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Key Hospital Stakeholders Stakeholder Type
Department of Health and Social Care (United Kingdom) External
Dietitians Internal
Dining Assistants Internal
Discharge Co-coordinators Internal
Doctors (On Hospital staff) Internal
Domestic Staff Internal
Elected public officials External
Electro-Biomedical Engineers Internal
Estate Technicians Internal
Federal government (United States) External
General Practitioners (United Kingdom) External
Health and Social Care Regulators e.g. General Medical Council (United Kingdom) External
Health maintenance organizations External
Health Visitors Interface
Health workers External
Healthcare Assistants Internal
Hospital management Internal
Housekeepers Internal
Labor unions External
Laundry Staff Internal
Local authority (United Kingdom) External
Local business/industry External
Local residents External
Local service providers External
Maintenance Staff Internal
Maternity Support Worker Internal
Matrons Internal
Matron's Assistants Internal
Maxillofacial Nurses Internal
Media External
Medical Imaging Assistants Internal
Medical school officials Interface
Medical staff Interface
Medical Students Interface
Medical Technicians Internal
Midwives Internal
Newborn Hearing Screeners Internal
Non physician professional staff Internal
Nonprofessional staff Internal
Nurse Specialists Internal
Nurses Internal
Occupational Therapists Internal
Oral Surgery Nurses Internal
Other hospitals External
Outpatient Staff Interface
Painters and Decorators Internal
Paramedics Internal
Patients External
Payroll Officers Internal
Pharmacists Interface
Phlebotomists Internal
Physicians Interface
Physiotherapists Internal
Play Specialists Internal
Political pressure groups External
Porters Internal
Practice Education Facilitators Internal
Quality Assurance Staff Internal
Radiographers Internal
Receptionist Staff Internal
Referrers e.g. Doctors, Interface
Secretary of State for Health (UK ministerial role in government) External
Security Internal
Senior Nurses Internal
Sisters Internal
Social Workers Interface
Speech Therapist Internal
Staff Nurse Internal
State government External
Sterile Services Department Internal
Stores Team Internal
Surgeons Internal
Therapies Assistant Internal
Third party payers External
USA Department of Health and Human Services External
Visitors External
Volunteers e.g. friends of the hospital External
Walk-in clinics External
Ward Clerks Internal
Ward Managers Internal

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Fottler, Myron D.; Blair, John D.; Whitehead, Carlton J.; Laus, Michael D.; Savage G.; 1989. Assessing key stakeholders: Who matters to hospitals and why? Hospital and Health Services Administration; Winter 1989; 34, 4; ABI/INFORM Global pg. 525. Available at

Examples of Stakeholders in Healthcare

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