Examples of Stakeholders in Schools

Here are the people, organizations, staff, departments or groups who may be considered stakeholders in schools. You can use this to generate a list of potential stakeholders or as a checklist in case you have missed any roles. This list is focused on Schools and education, for a generic checklist see stakeholder list.

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Stakeholders in Schools

List of stakeholders

  • Administrators
  • Admissions
  • After school clubs
  • Alumni office
  • Catering staff
  • Chaplain
  • Charities e.g. Scouts, Brownies and Guides
  • City, or local authority councillors
  • Clerks
  • community members
  • Curriculum providers
  • Faith organizations
  • families
  • Finance Department, Bursar
  • Government departments e.g. Department
  • Ground staff
  • local business leaders
  • Local residents
  • Marketing
  • Nursing team
Download this Stakeholder list in PDF.
Download this Stakeholder list in PDF.
  • Other childcare facilities
  • Parent Teacher Association
  • parents
  • Pastoral team
  • Regulatory organizations such as Ofsted in the UK
  • school board members
  • school bus drivers
  • School Counsellor
  • School Governors
  • Social workers or child welfare workers
  • students
  • Suppliers e.g. facilities management, care taker, cleaners, caterers
  • Supply temporary teaching staff
  • teachers
  • Technicians
  • Utility companies
  • Voluntary organizations

Download the Schools stakeholder list

PDF download - List of Stakeholders in Schools (PDF)

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