IT project stakeholder list

Here are some of the roles, job titles, departments or groups who might be stakeholders for an IT project. There are 112 potential stakeholders in this list, you can use it as a starting point in your stakeholder analysis or as a checklist in case you have missed any roles.
A word cloud for IT stakeholders
This is a generic list, but it is focused on IT. For a fuller generic checklist see stakeholder list. You might also be interested in this stakeholder list for a real world IT project IT stakeholder mindmap.

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IT Stakeholder Area/skillset
Applications Engineer Software
Database Administrator Database
Network Architect Networks
Network Engineer Networks
Network System Administrator Networks
Programmer Software
Programmer Analyst Software

Download this stakeholder list in Excel or PDF
IT Stakeholder Area/skillset
Security Specialist Security
Software Engineer Software
Support Specialist Customer Support
System Administrator System admin
System Analyst Systems analysis
System Architect Architecture
System Designer Design
Systems Software Engineer Software engineering
Account Management Sales
Applications Engineer Software engineering
Banking specific Industry manager Industry specialist
Business Contract Management/Procurement Procurement
Business development manager Sales
Business Intelligence Consultant BI
Business process Analyst Business analysis
Business Process Consultant Business analysis
Business requirement consultant Business analysis
C. A. support specialist Customer Support
C.A. Telephone Mgr Customer Support
Chief Information Officer Senior management
Chief Technology Officer Senior management
Computer and Information Systems Manager Business management
Contract Management Procurement
CRM system development and integration manager Customer relations
Customer Hotline Mgr Customer Support
Customer Hotline Rep Customer Support
Customer support co-coordinator Customer Support
Customer Support Representative Customer Support
Data Analyst Database
Data Architect Database
Data Communications Analyst Networks
Data Modeler Database
Data systems manager Enterprise systems analysis & integration
Data warehousing consultant Business management
Database Administrator Database
Database Analyst Database
Database Developer Database
Datacenter Manager Hardware
Developer (as consumer) Development
Developer (as producer) Development
Document Specialist Technical writing
E-commerce specialist Enterprise systems analysis & integration
EE Manufacturing engineer Hardware
Electronic design engineer Hardware
Electronic Publication Specialist Technical writing
Enterprise Architects Systems analysis
Financial Management Business management
General Manager  Business management
Help Desk Technician Customer Support
Industrial designer Hardware
Industry Specific Consultant Business management
Information Technology Director IT management
Information Technology Manager IT management
Infrastructure analyst Hardware
International Business Development Business management
Knowledge Architect Database
Localization Engineer Business management
Maintenance Technician Customer Support
Management Information Systems Director Business management
Manufacturing engineer Hardware
Market research analyst Business management
Marketing communications Business management
Marketing Executive Business management
Marketing Manager Business management
Network Architect Networks
Network Engineer Networks
Network Operations Analyst Networks
Network System Administrator Networks
Network Technician Networks
Operations Manager (datacenter) Business management
Organizational consultant Business management
PR Manager Business management
Product Manager Business management
Program Manager Business management
Project Manager Business management
Proposal development Sales
Quality and Service Customer Support
Sales Engineer Sales
Sales executive Sales
Sales Manager Sales
Sales Support Technician  Sales
Security Specialist Networks
SLA development engineer Hardware
Software Application Specialist Software
Software Development Engineer Software
Software Engineer Software
Software Engineer Software
Software Quality Assurance Analyst Quality Assurance
Software Tester Quality Assurance
Strategic Planning Manager (TelCo) Business management
Supervisor for Help Desk center Customer Support
Support Specialist Customer Support
Systems Integrator Enterprise systems analysis & integration
Systems Software Engineer Software engineering
Test Manager Quality Assurance
Technical Publication Manager Technical writing
Technical Support Manager Customer Support
Technical Support Representative Customer Support
Technical Writer Technical writing
Web Administrator Web dev and admin
Web Designer Web dev and admin
Web Developer Web dev and admin
Web Page Developer Web dev and admin
Web Site Developer Web dev and admin
Webmaster Web dev and admin

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