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You can earn PDUs by writing articles and tutorials for stakeholdermap.com. It also increases your visibility and reputation! We only publish high quality content from experts in project and stakeholder management. As a recognised project management professional you are just the person we are looking for!

In exchange for your blog or article we will include an 'about the author section' with a link to your linkedin or projectmanagement.com profile. We will also share your post on our social media feeds.

ATTENTION NO SPONSORED POSTS, NO GUEST BLOGS we don't publish marketing, sponsored or guest content. Please don't ask. If you want to include a link to a product or company then you are a marketing/SEO blogger. Our readers don't need content that pushes a product or service, they just want high quality information on project and stakeholder management. DON'T SUBMIT AN ARTICLE WITH A LINK TO A PRODUCT OR COMPANY WE WON'T PUBLISH IT.

What to do once you are published!

Articles that we need

  • Well written and well structured articles, tutorials and how to guides
  • Video tutorials, guides, step by step instructions
  • Content that adds value - it provides useful, accurate information
  • Articles or tutorials relevant project or stakeholder management. What can I write about?

Content must be

  • Be grammatically correct
  • In English
  • Useful & informative
  • Must be original and must be your own work
  • Must not be published elsewhere on the web
  • Must be referenced with all sources and citations

What we don’t need

  • Duplicate content. If your article is already on the web please don’t submit it.
  • Chatty blog posts or opinion pieces
  • Marketing blogs - we don't provide anything other than one link to a linkedin or projectmanagement.com profile. If you are after a link to anything else DON'T submit to us.
  • Sponsored posts - see above.
  • Content not relevant to project or stakeholder management e.g. mortgages, knitting, care of kittens

Contributor Terms and Conditions

When submitting an article you will be asked to agree to the Contributor Terms and Conditions. Please read this carefully as you will be bound by the terms and conditions.
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Frequently asked questions

What can I write about?

Anything related to Project or Stakeholder Management. This includes how to guides for relevant software, and could include information from other areas that are relevant e.g. law for project managers or influencing skills for managing project teams. Here are some more ideas:
  • Agile Project Management
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Career advice
  • Change Management
  • Communications
  • Cost management and human resource planning
  • Industry guidelines e.g. constructions, engineering or software projects
  • Time planning (scheduling)
  • Scope Management
  • lessons learned
  • Monitoring and control
  • Procurement and contracting
  • Project close
  • Project initiation
  • Project teams, management, performance, building
  • Project direction
  • Project management careers
  • Project performance
  • Program Management
  • Revision advice and guides for professional exams
  • Risk Management
  • Six Sigma
  • Software, tools and templates
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Stakeholder Communication
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Stakeholder Planning
  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Stakeholder Monitoring
  • Stakeholder Software
  • Sustainability
  • Stakeholder Theory
  • Quality

Number of words

The minimum 200 words maximum 1000. If you can't keep to 1000 consider splitting the article into a series, but make sure each article can be read alone i.e. that it contains useful information.

Can I use images or video?

Yes, but they must be your own work or you must have permission for any material not owned by you. Images and video can only be used to add value to your contribution. A video on its own or an article with mostly images will not be accepted.

Frequency of articles

There is no requirement to deliver articles at a set time or set frequency.
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