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Marketing Budget | Excel Template FREE

by | reviewed 18/01/2023
This is a super simple template for creating a marketing budget. It works well with our Marketing Plan template, but you can also use it on its own.
Excel template for creating a Marketing Budget

What's in this marketing budget?

This template prompts you to think about all the key costs you need to consider when creating a marketing budget. There are rows for the following costs:
  • Marketing Agency
  • Radio Advertising
  • TV advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Online advertising
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Mailouts
  • Giveaways
  • Events
  • Branding and artwork
  • Merchandisng
  • Publications
  • Catalogues
  • Reasearch
  • Travel
  • Postage
  • Administration
  • Incidentals

How to use this template

  • Click into each box to enter text or figures.
  • Number format is 0.00 to change this go to Home, then Cells, then Format.
  • Text is aligned top left. To change these options use Alignment in the Home menu.
  • TIMELINE is in months. Simply type over to change to weeks or days. TIP click bottom right of cell and drag to automatically create new timeline.
  • If you need more rows right click and select Insert, then Entire row.
  • If you need more columns right click and select Insert, then Entire column.

Download the Marketing Budget template

Excel download - Marketing Budget template (.xlsx)

Excel download - Marketing Budget template (.xls)

OpenDocument spreadsheet - Marketing Budget template (.ods)

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