Training Evaluation form FREE download

Download our free training evaluation form to help measure the effectiveness of your next training course! Participants can rate the overall training, objectives achieved, clarity of instructions/presentation slides, and more.
An Word form for collecting feedback on a training course

What's in the Training Evaluation form

This form is designed so that it can be used for any type of training session including very technical training.

It allows the course attendee to rate the training overall on a scale from Excellent to Poor. They are then invited to agree or disagree with the following statements:
  • I achieved the training objectives.
  • The instructions were clear and easy to follow
  • The presentation slides were clear.
  • The slides enhanced my learning.
  • The time allowed for this training was right.
  • The trainer was knowledgeable and well-prepared.
  • We were able to share experiences and ideas.
The participant is asked to indicate how much their Knowledge/skill has improved by rating their level before and after the training.

Trainer rating

A scale is used to rate the instructor from Poor to Excellent on the following:
  • Made the subject understandable.
  • Encourage questions.
  • Provided technical knowledge.
Lastly, there is space for free-form feedback on:
  • the most useful part of the training,
  • the least useful part and,
  • how the session could have been improved.

Download the Training Evaluation form

Word download - Training Evaluation form (.docx)

Word download - Training Evaluation form (.doc)

PDF download - Training Evaluation form (pdf)