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PRINCE2 Glossary of Terms - D

D - Daily Log to DSDM Atern

This is an A-Z glossary of terms, from the 2009 edition. PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited. View the Agile Dictionary. Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) Dictionary. Project Office Dictionary (P30). Full ITIL glossary of terms. See also the Project Management Dictionary and the Risk Management Dictionary.

A - accept to avoid | B - baseline to Business Case | C - center of excellence to customer's quality expectations | D - Daily Log to DSDM Atern | E - embedding (PRINCE2) to exploit | F - H - fallback to host site | I - impact to Issue Report | L - O - Lesson Log to output | P - performance targets to Project Support | Q - quality to quality tolerance | R - records to role description | S - schedule to supplier | T - tailoring to trigger | U - W - user acceptance to Work Package

Daily Log

Used to record problems/concerns that can be handled by the Project Manager informally.

Download a Daily Log - Template in Mind map, Word or PDF format

See ‘output’.

dependencies (plan)

The relationship between products or activities. For example, the development of Product C cannot start until Products A and B have been completed. Dependencies can be internal or external. Read more on dependencies and dependency types in project planning

Internal dependencies are those under the control of the Project Manager. External dependencies are those outside the control of the Project Manager – for example, the delivery of a product required by this project from another project.


An outcome that is perceived as negative by one or more stakeholders. It is an actual consequence of an activity whereas, by definition, a risk has some uncertainty about whether it will materialize.

DSDM Atern

An agile project delivery framework developed and owned by the DSDM consortium. Atern uses a time-boxed and iterative approach to product development and is compatible with PRINCE2.

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