15 helpful shortcuts in Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project has numerous keyboard shortcuts that can help improve productivity and ease of use. Here are 15 of the most useful ones (you can also download a PPT slide of these shortcuts):
  1. F1: Help – This will open the Microsoft Project Help pane.
  2. F2: Edit text - Activates the entry bar, allowing users to directly edit the text of the selected field or cell.
  3. Shift + F2: Open Task Information dialog box, allowing users to view and modify detailed attributes and notes about a selected task.
  4. Alt + Shift + - (minus key): Collapse subtasks – This allows you to hide the subtasks of a summary task.
  5. Alt + Shift + + (plus key): Expand subtasks – This will display the subtasks of a summary task.
  6. Ctrl + F: Find – This will open the Find dialog box, allowing you to search for specific text in your project.
  7. Alt + F10: Opens Assign Resources dialog box, enabling users to allocate specific resources to a selected task.
  8. Ctrl + G: Go to a specific task – This opens a dialog where you can type in a task number or ID and jump directly to it.
  9. Shift + F6: Split view - This allows you to view two different views at once, such as the Gantt Chart on top and Task Form on the bottom.
  10. F7: Check spelling – This will run the spell check tool, which is especially useful when you're about to share your project with others.
  11. Ctrl + Z: Undo – This undoes the last action you took, and it can be a lifesaver if you made an unintentional change.
  12. Ctrl + Delete: Delete - Clears or resets the selected data.
  13. Ctrl + C: Copy - This copies the field you have selected.
  14. Ctrl + V: Paste - This pastes the field you have copied.
  15. Ctrl + D: Fill down - Fills data down a column that you have selected.

Download a PowerPoint slide of keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Project

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