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A Burndown Chart is a graph which shows the work left to do against time. It is used in agile project management as a simple indicator of when the work will be completed. Typically the work is shown on the y axis and the time on the x axis. stakeholdermap.com
There are lots of variations of the Burndown Chart. For example, the work can be expressed in various ways, it could be, features, story points, or effort. Time might be the releases, sprints or iterations. This template is easily edited to suit your project.
Burndown Chart Template

This is a FREE Burndown Chart Template in Excel and OpenDocument Spreadsheet format. The template is fully editable with Microsoft Excel and can be converted or changed to suit your project requirements.

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The contents of the Burndown Chart Template


Project details and document control

Provide information on the project and document:
  • Project Name and Reference
  • Project Manager
  • Document Date
  • Version number


The timescale that appears at the bottom of the Burndown Chart (on the x axis). This can be changed for each project, for example it might be iterations or sprints.


The number of features/story points that you plan to achieve in each time period.


This is a record of how many features/story points that you actually achieve.

Goal velocity

This is a calculated field that counts down the target points to zero (completion of the project). It forms the left side of the chart (the y axis).


This is a calculated field that simply deducts 'Done' from 'Remaining'. It forms the blue line showing the actual burndown rate.

Burndown Chart Template

Excel download - Burndown Chart Template (.xls)

Excel download - Burndown Chart Template (.xlsx)

OpenDocument Spreadsheet download - Burndown Chart Template (.ods)

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